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Welcome to Miami Nightlife

Nightlife is the collective term for any entertainment that is available and more popular from the late evening into the early hours of the morning. It includes the public houses, nightclubs, discothèques, bars, live music, concert, cabaret, small theatres, small cinemas, shows, and sometimes restaurants a specific area may have; these venues often require cover charge for admission, and make their money on alcoholic beverages. miami nightlife encompasses entertainment from the fairly tame to the risque to the seedy. Nightlife entertainment is inherently edgier than daytime amusements, and usually more oriented to adults, including "adult entertainment" in red-light districts. People who prefer to be active during the night-time are called night owls.


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  • Nightlife legislation of the United States was created after the 2006 murders of Imette St. Guillen and Jennifer Moore, after which American teenagers' use of fake IDs to obtain access to nightclubs was brought to attention.


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  • Miami is a well-known global city due to its importance in finance, commerce, culture, media, fashion, education, film, print media, entertainment, the arts and international trade.[7][8] Known as The Gateway to the Americas, miami nightlife is an international center for entertainment, education, media, music, fashion, film, culture, print media, and the performing arts.[9]
  • The city's central business district is home to the largest concentration of international banks in the United States[10][11] as well as home to several corporate headquarters and television studios. Additionally, the metropolis' namesake port, the Port of Miami, is the busiest cruise ship passenger port in the world in both passenger traffic and cruise lines.[12][13]


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